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Digital Forensic Services

At Reveal, we can recover deleted or hidden data from both computers and smartphones. Whether the question is one of infidelity, workplace misconduct, or cybercrime, we are prepared to find the answers hidden in the data. More »

Expert Testimony

We stand behind our clients every step of the way, from the initial imaging of the computer to providing expert testimony in court. We pride ourselves on utilizing industry standard techniques and software that have already been proven in the courtroom. More »

Today, we are connected to the internet everywhere we go. Smartphones create digital trails every time somebody sends a text, searches the web, or makes a call. No matter what the case, if there is a smartphone involved, there is digital evidence to be discovered. More »




At Reveal Digital Forensics and Security, we know how to uncover the truth. We are here for you when you need to know. We are a Boise, Idaho-based company offering a number of services, including digital forensics, information security and data recovery. We deliver court-admissible reports and expert testimony that you can count on.

As a subsidiary of Custer Agency, we are fully certified, licensed, insured, and an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Our team specializes in recovering data through digital forensics and always offer quality, professional service. We know urgency is sometimes required so we try to make ourselves available 24/7. Please call or email for a free consultation today!