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When you need to know.

We live in a world where anything and everything leaves a digital trail. When we have questions, we turn to our favorite search engine. When we want to talk to somebody, we simply send an email or log on to a social network profile. The smartphones in our pockets keep us constantly connected wherever we go. No matter what the nature of your case is, it is very likely that it has a digital component.

At Reveal Digital Forensics and Security, we know how to uncover the truth. We are here for you when you need to know.

Computer forensics is the science and art of recovering and analyzing data for investigative purposes, with the goal of using that evidence in a court of law. The data is often not what is visible to the average user; lost, corrupted, intentionally hidden, and deleted information can become essential evidence in a case. Recovering that data requires certain industry-standard tools and procedures to be used in legal cases. Failing to use these procedures can result in the inadmissibility of the evidence and potential loss of the case.

With the right skills and tools, a file can be recovered even after it has been deleted, intentionally or not. Our examiners will analyze these files to determine possible suspects or motives as part of the investigation.

As a subsidiary of Custer Agency, Reveal Digital Forensics and Security inherits a strong investigative background that separates us from the competition. We use this background in tandem with our technical knowledge to provide our clients with the best possible service.