As a subsidiary of Custer Agency, Reveal Digital Forensics and Security uses court-recognized software with investigative procedures to recover data and information for use as evidence. The Reveal team is ready to work with you to find the information you need to know. Every case is different, which is why we analyze each case to determine what information is essential in the investigation’s progress. Our services include:

Digital Forensics

Using the required procedures and equipment, Reveal Digital Forensics and Security can obtain key information from various storage media, including hard drives, flash drives, and many more.

Ethical Hacking

If security is a concern, our CEH-certified examiner can test your security with a simple vulnerability assessment or administer a full penetration test. Don’t take chances with security. If you feel your privacy is at risk, a security assessment should be a priority for you.

Expert Testimony

Members of the Reveal team aren’t simply computer-savvy individuals. Our members are certified professionals that specialize in many areas in the IT world. Our team can be called to give expert testimony if the need arises. Our team also consists of an Encase certified computer forensics examiner.