Information Security

Information SecurityInformation Security

As our society has become more and more digitized, so too has the way we store sensitive information. A company’s financial “books” are hardly ever physical books anymore, but instead bits and bytes in a database on a computer. Customer information (including credit card and social security numbers), proprietary company information, trade secrets, and possibly even medical information is stored in the same manner.

Ten years ago, most hackers were destructive pranksters. Computer viruses would display an obnoxious message or delete data. Today, the most skilled hackers are more interested in stealing – and selling – any useful data they can dig up. Companies need to be concerned about threats coming both from the internet and from within their own organization, enforcing the principle of least privilege on their employee user accounts and ensuring that adequate security measures are in place.

What We Offer

At Reveal, we know how to think like the hackers. Combined with our extensive security background with Custer Agency, we are equipped to fully assess – and improve – information security for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses, especially those that lack a dedicated information security department (or employee), are quickly becoming prime targets for cybercriminals. From the perspective of the bad guys, the security is far more relaxed than in a large multinational corporation, but the potential rewards are the same – personally identifiable information, financial data, and company secrets.

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